Outdoor venue
Natural and open
Can fit 120 guests
Starting at $750
Enjoy nature while you create memories. Ideal for an outdoor event with space to play.
on the Avenue
Indoor venue
Rustic and intimate
Can fit 150 guests
Starting at $900
Intimate setting for you and those closest to you. Ideal for those who want a rustic setting.
on the Bayou
Indoor venue
Luxurious and spacious
Can fit 350 guests
Starting at $4,500
A modern venue for you and a large group. Ideal for a spacious and luxurious event.
Indoor and outdoor spaces
A unique experience
Can fit in 600 guests
Starting at $8,500
A big slice of paradise with many amenities to enjoy. Perfect for a unique experience.


Bonanza Wedding
Create a Bonanza of memories on your special day! No matter the size, style, or budget, if you can dream it, we can make it happen.
Bonanza Quince
Have an unforgettable Quince! Our experienced staff will make sure that everything is perfect for your once in a lifetime event.
Bonanza Party
No matter the reason you are celebrating, we have you covered. Don’t fret about the details, our staff will take care of it.
Bonanza Corporate
Whether you’re celebrating a momentous milestone, looking to attract new sales, or hosting a unique workshop, a Bonanza event will always be a great investment.


Ready to create memories that will last a lifetime? Contact us! Our experienced team will reach out to you and ensure that you have everything you need.


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